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Vehicle Defense
   Okay, looks like I will be doing a Pistol and a Carbine course in the Willamette  Valley in the upcoming weeks. I  will also be conducting Pistol, Carbine and Vehicle Defense in the Central Oregon area. I am trying to get the venues locked in right now as I will be heading back OCONUS in about a month.
   At this point I am looking at doing the Gunfight Concepts level courses, which are a more advanced shooting course. If there is interest in a more basic level Pistol / Carbine course please let me know via the "Email me" button. If there is enough interest in the basic courses, I will try to put them on as well. I will be keeping class sizes at 6-8, as all of my assistant instructors are "out of the area" right now.
   As I have done in the past, there will be a 10% discount for military, law enforcement and also CPS members.
Details will be uploaded to the "Courses" page.....
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