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GroundRod Level 1 in Missouri

  We will be holding a GroundRod Level One tradecraft course in Hartville, MO June 15-16 2024. Course is $480 and seats will be limited. To register, you can visit the Store page and make a class deposit ($100) and then email us at to confirm, also feel free to email with any questions.

New Gear and Sale

  We have a new rugged field tablet available that is running a customized and tablet friendly version of DragonOS. DragonOS is a Linux distro that focuses on SDR and SIGINT capabilities. It can be used as a standalone tablet with touch or stylus and also as a laptop with an available keyboard and kickstand (available separately). Just plug in your HackRF, LimeSDR or BladeRF SDR and you are off and running. Cost is $850 We are also running a sale for the month of May on the Verus privacy phones. Verus gen 6  -  $600 Verus gen 7  -  $700 Verus gen 8  -  $800 Phones all come with protective cover, RF blocking case and full suite of security apps, built on a base of CalyxOS or GrapheneOS. Contact us at:  for inquiries or to place an order.