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GroundRod in West Texas

  We will be having a GroundRod Level 1 and Level 2 back to back in Midland, TX  17-20 February 2023. Email us at  for any questions.

Interview on Radio Contra - January 2023


Become More Dangerous...

  New Years resolutions....I’ll be honest, I have never been a big proponent of them. I mean we have all seen the people around us make the same resolutions every year...with the same result...being that they fizzle out within a few weeks. But, if we are going to talk resolutions, might I offer this:   In 2023, become dangerous .   What do I mean by that? It should be abundantly clear to anyone paying attention at this point that our way of life in the West and in America in particular, is being deliberately and systematically destroyed. From “in your face” voting fraud to bio-engineered viruses to genocidal gene therapy shots to wide open borders to the fleecing of the public to fund engineered foreign conflicts to the governmental targeting of “traditional Americans” as “domestic terrorists” and I could go on and on. As the saying goes - The threat is real....and we are in danger.   For the sake of yourself, your family and your way of life - become more dangerous!   - Get into fight