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Fall/Winter Classes

  - GroundRod Level 2                    OCT 28-29                          Bozeman, MT - Tactical Night Operations           NOV 10-12                         Billings, MT - GroundRod Level 1                     TBD                                   Bozeman, MT - GroundRod Level 4                     TBD                                  North Idaho - GroundRod Level 3                     TBD                                  Idaho Falls, ID ....updates as they roll in..... contact us at  for questions or to enroll.

Student Review of Gunfight Concepts in NC

 Gunfight Concepts & Hard Target Traveler AAR By Crusoe Anytime K from Combat Studies Group is east of the Mississippi it is worth clearing the schedule for his series of courses. I had already taken GroundRod I & II and was so thoroughly impressed with those classes that I absolutely was going to make both the Gunfight Concepts and Hard Target Traveler courses. As always, it is important to define what your desired training end state looks like and then work backwards to plug training holes. These two courses significantly added capability for my personal needs. The 3-day Gunfight Concepts was most definitely not your average go to the range and statically shoot for a couple hours. As with all his courses it was extremely dynamic and focused on both skill development and problem solving while moving across a complex environment. Day1and 2 started with a qualification test to measure current capability on both the handgun and rifle which gave K a solid starting point of the cla