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Winter 2024 Courses (Updated FEB 29)

  - Hard Target Traveler                Bozeman, MT                       JAN 13              $280 - Hard Target Traveler                CDA, Idaho                          FEB 17              $280 - GroundRod Level 1                   Kalispel, MT                        MAR 2-3           $475 - CQB/ Home Defense                 Midland,  TX                        TBD                  $800 - Gunfight Concepts                    N. Carolina                           MAR 22-24      $800 - Tactical Night Operations       N. Carolina                           MAR 25-27      $800 - GroundRod Level 1                  N. Carolina                            MAR 28-29      $475 - GroundRod Level 2                 N. Carolina                             MAR 30-31      $475 - GroundRod Level 4                  CDA, Idaho                           APR 12-14       $800 - Gunfight Concepts                   Three Forks, MT                   APR                 $800 - GroundRod Level 3               

The Insecurity of "Push Notifications" and What to Do About It

 By now it has been widely circulated that the US government (and their 5 Eyes friends) has been secretly snooping on phone user's messaging in the form of Push Notifications. Not only are they snooping, but they applied a legal gag order to Apple and Google to prevent them from alerting you the customer of this fact. What's that you say? You are using an end-to-end encrypted messenger such as Signal and therefore are safe from said intrusion? Not so fast... While there are indeed some well designed and audited secure chat apps out there, that is only part of the story. Most, if not all, messaging applications employ Push notifications as a way to let you know that someone just reached out to you, even if you didn't happen to have the corresponding application open at the moment. This is, of course, very convenient for the end user, but the problem lies in how this is facilitated on the back end. Apple and Google both employ proprietary servers that intercept a message head

Courses Winter/Spring 2024

  We are working on the Winter/Spring 2024 courses right now. Here's what we have so far: - Hard Target Traveler                      Bozeman, MT                    January  2024 - CQB / Home Defense                    Midland, TX                      January 2024 - GroundRod  Level One                Kalispel, MT                      February   2024 - CQB / Home Defense                    Billings, MT                        February  2024 - Tactical Night Ops                         North Carolina                    March 2024 - Hard Target Traveler                 North Carolina                    March 2024 -  GroundRod  Level  Three       North Carolina                 March 2024 - GroundRod  Level Four           North  Idaho                         April 2024 - Gunfight Concepts                        North Idaho                          April 2024 - Hard Target Traveler                Pennsylvania                   TBD - GroundRod Level One                Pennsylvania