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Can you actually protect yourself from online thieves, government snoops and malicious software? What is the "Darkweb" and is there any legitimate use for such a thing? What is Bitcoin and why should I concern myself with it? How is the Internet Of Things dangerous to me? Can the government read my emails and messages? Can they break my encryption? These are all common questions coming from the public on a more and more frequent basis and they are just a few of the questions that we answer in the GroundRod training series. The courses are designed for the layman and the professional alike and are hands on. You don't just listen to a lecture, you implement the subject matter in real time during class. We cover the spectrum from system hardening and secure communication to human tradecraft and escape & evasion skills. You leave class with a broader understanding of the threats and a real set of tools with which to protect yourself, your family and your