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Libertas Tablet Update #2

Okay folks, I am wrapping up the user manual right now and will be shipping the tablets from batch one this week. Some last minute additions include: - Several pertinent Mil manuals  - Realtime satellite tracking - Ballistics software - Shot timer - Topo Maps  - Survival Guides - Knot guides   There are a couple tablets left as of this writing. See the Store page if you wish to order. Batch two will be coming in March/April and will be much larger. Sam Culper over at Guerrillamerica  has kindly agreed to test drive one of the Libertas tablets and post a review, so you can get a second opinion from a tech savvy individual other than myself. Mosby ( Mountain Guerrilla ) has also graciously agreed to offer his book in ebook format to the first purchasers of the Libertas. *** This project has been mentally exhausting and time consuming in the extreme, but sorely needed in my opinion. My thanks goes out to all of you that lent your ideas, assistance and brainpow