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Re take Your Privacy and Communication Security

(New site can be found here ) With the recent revelations pertaining to government spying on it's own citizens (does this really surprise anyone?), I wanted to offer a quick primer on regaining some of your electronic security. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but a number of things you can start doing right now. (I also offer a course on this subject that covers it in great detail.) One caveat I need to point out before we go further is this - While any and all of the following tips will offer a high level of privacy, most of them are rendered potentially useless if they are employed on the Windows or Mac operating systems. Why? Because Microsoft and Apple have entered into complicit agreements with government bodies in the form of secret backdoor access to your system and no anti-virus or malware  program will save you from it as it is a "legitimate" part of the operating system's code. Where does tha

After Action Report - May Courses

  (Note: I am testing out a new website at  CombatStudiesGroup.weebly  as i am hoping to abandon all things Google in the near future - feel free to check it out.) *** This is a much belated AAR for the May Gunfight Carbine and Secure Comms courses. Once again I would like to thank Matt from Liberty Handgun Training for facilitating the courses. He put in a lot of legwork to make these classes happen. We had a full class for the carbine course and everyone pushed themselves hard for 11 hours of rain drenched training. Some of the participants were former students of Mosby ( and had only good things to say about him. It also served to demonstrate the point that, while tactics and techniques may vary between instructors/operators, they will (or should) share the same core fundamental principals. The students were kind enough to send in some reviews, one of which is below (you can find the rest on the Reviews page).... "I wan