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Welcome To The Panopticon, or "How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Information Warfare"

So it's 2019......and so far we have: - Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and the like, de-platforming or censoring any content that leans towards the right or conservative side. - Amazon, Google, Apple, Microsoft, et al, doubling down on collection of people's data. - The US intelligence apparatus convincing major hotel chains (Marriot for one) to collect information and report on hotel guests (for the most trivial of "abnormalities", if one can call them that). - Amazon working with law enforcement to implement widespread facial recognition gathering. - Those nifty DNA/ Heritage testing sites have been caught giving your DNA to Uncle Sam. - Cellular providers selling your real-time location to anyone who wants to buy it. - The proliferation of "smart" devices such as Alexa that is always listening. - Web browsers screening the news you search for and only letting the "leftist" slanted news through. I could go on for pages a