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Tactical Skills Q & A -or- Be Good at Everything or Die (repost)

In the interest of spreading useful information regarding tactics/training I wanted to relay this conversation I had with some folks from the tactical community a while back. I was asked several pointed questions which I do my best to answer below: Question 1: Of all the various training disciplines available, which one should be top of the training list right now in light of world events? Rifle training? Land Navigation? Communications? Patrolling , etc... Answer: Well, there are definitely some sacred cows on that list. It of course kind of depends on where you are as an individual with regard to the various skillsets, but lets assume you are a competent shooter with some basic fieldcraft under your belt....I would put information gathering on top. You could also label it Intel/Comms if you wanted. Why? 1. Intelligence drives the fight. Without it, you are just a bunch of armed guys in the woods. 2. Everyone can do it. Your 75 year old aunt can do it, your