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Brit Resistance Model (repost)

"In July 1940 Gubbins recruited about a dozen regional Captains as Intelligence Officers who would form the backbone of the newly created Auxiliary Units. Their mission was to find 30 or so reliable men and issue them with an assortment of explosives, weapons and vital supplies. These men became known as ‘dump owners’. The IO’s were to help the ‘dump owners’ to form cells of 5 or 6 men, to train them in the use of weapons and to provide the cells with some form of hideout." A good bit of history regarding the British Resistance program and SOE, sent in by a reader. What is interesting to note is that this is one of the few times a resistance group was stood up before it was actually needed. They of course, where never utilized; being as the Germans never took over the British  isles.  Food for thought - prior to homefront hostilities, they had a basic TO&E in place, training programs, safe houses and caches........ Read it all  HERE

CSG app store

For those unaware; I have a CSG app store which provides security and privacy centric apps for Android based devices. To install: 1) Go here on your device: and install (you may need to allow installing from unknown sources). 2) Run the Aptoide app (you can ignore the social media account sign ups). 3) Select "Stores" tab and then select "Follow" 4) type in CSG and hit enter You can now browse the store and find things like the GAB app which Google kicked out of the Play store (hmmmmm....)

Had Enough of F*cebook and Twitter? Try

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Low-Vis Tactical Vehicle Operations

 It's safe to say that a good number of us spend a lot of time in vehicles. Going to and from work, taking the kids to practice, going shopping, visiting friends and family and so on. How would this common activity change if the thin veil of civility we currently enjoy were to slip? Can we still do what needs to be done without ending up a mobile resupply for the bad guys? Let's engage in a mental exercise, hypothetical in nature, wherein the area you live in has devolved into a completely lawless state. It doesn't matter why, whether it's a financial collapse, foreign invasion, natural disaster or any number of other scenarios. Picture something akin to the breakup of Yugoslavia in the 90's. You live in a rural area about 20 miles from the nearest town. You receive word via your HAM network that relatives in town are in need of extraction due to a sharp increase in gang activity and looting. Their vehicles have been stolen and/or destroyed and they are barr

Censorship As A Political Weapon

By now most have heard about the massive combined attack on Infowars by Youtube, Facebook and the many other arms of the leftist controlled media. This was of course predictable and in point of fact I had a meeting with Infowars two years ago and discussed this very topic. I offered them some suggestions on "censor-proofing" their information outlets. They assured me they had it under control (they were taking a rather conventional approach whereas I was suggesting something else entirely....but I'll get to that) and that was that. I don't think they fully grokked the far reaching grasp of their enemies nor their intense motivations. Now we have, which bills itself as a freedom respecting, non-censoring "Twitter like" platform, being threatened with shutdown by Microsoft due to the unfortunate fact that the Gab website is hosted on Microsoft's Azure platform. Where does this end? If the direct approach doesn't work you can bet that they

Soon To Be Released - SEPIO 2 secure laptops

The SepioOS 2 is much faster and more secure than it's predecessor. All while using less power and having greater ease of use than the original. You have more hardware choices this time as well, with 13 and 15 inch models with options for multiple hard drives, expanded memory, privacy screens and more. All models come sporting the powerful Ryzen line of processors with 62% more computing speed than the original Sepio. Full mitigation is in place for all Meltdown/Spectre family of hardware exploits as well. All models come with HD screens, backlit keyboards, aluminum chassis and USB3 and USB-C ports. Base models start at $1400 Contact us for more information.

What To Do About Email? *UPDATED*

I have had several colleagues of late that are complaining of issues with the privacy centric email provider Unseen. I myself have been witnessing sporadic issues from failed logins to delayed sending of messages. Frustrating indeed. I think its safe to say that the most alluring thing that Unseen brings to the table is that it sits in one of the world's most privacy respecting legal jurisdictions, Iceland. While a jurisdiction that has laws favorable to personal privacy with respect to data is certainly a good thing, it is not the only factor for consideration. As far as jurisdictions go, a good starting point is to be cautious doing business with companies in the Five Eyes (USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand) for reasons we have already addressed in the past I   should also point out that this is a much more important factor with a VPN service than with an email service. Bear in mind though that if you setup your email account anonymously (use a throwaway contact e