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...And Little Brother Too

“ The 1986 Electronic Communications Privacy Act allows domestic law enforcement agencies—everyone from the Federal Bureau of Investigations to your local Keystone Cops—to contact email hosts and, without a warrant, demand they turn over the full contents of all emails over 180 days old.” Take the following article for what it's worth, but it does bring up some interesting points. - So, we should toss our radios, phones and laptops right? Not so fast... In regards to the inevitable response of "only talk face to face"....that's great, but I'll have to insist that it is a rather narrow stance to take. Reality will dictate that logistics and or security will become a major impediment to meat-space-only information sharing, for what I should think would be obvious scenarios. Even if you take the popular positi


Sorry folks, been crazy busy with life and all that. Here are a couple sources to brush up on while I work my next piece.... 1. Good series from a few years back...   Dark Arts 2. Gathering of info on the tech front.... Prism Break Wrap your gray matter around that for a bit..... Be back...