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Upcoming Classes

Besides the GroundRod Primer course in Seattle this weekend, I am scheduling another one for the  Spokane area April 9-10 and another on the east coast later in April. GroundRod is designed to be a series that covers subjects such as: * INFOSEC * COMSEC * PERSEC * Escape & Evasion / Counter Kidnapping * Tradecraft skills The courses are composed in such a way as to give the operator a maximum amount of time practicing the skillsets involved. GroundRod Primer, the first of the series gives the students a solid overview of the information/communication/personal security threats we face and how to effectively mitigate them. *** Spokane class size is limited, so email me if you plan on attending. Cost is $300 for the weekend.

NordVPN update

Just an FYI for the LIBERTAS Tablet users... The NordVPN app is now available. You can find it in the CSG store in Aptoide on your device. I have been testing it for the last few days and it is working good and is much easier to setup and use than running NordVPN through the openvpn app. They have also added more servers, including more VPN-TOR combo servers and Double VPNs. *** The latest batch of Libertas Tablets have the app installed already ***

Contact Updates

My PGP key and Bitmessage info have been updated. *** You can reach me on Tor Messenger at     ( Downloads ) *** Tox ID:  (This would be Qtox on my Sepio OS or Antox app on the Libertas) 5087DC35885E4B4F8F77FF38CFE5BD6B8A165505C14D9CD6E715B0AD1AD45373F3255C087ED8 (  Tox Downloads  ) *** Ricochet IM ricochet:snhyfvulvlpfjom3 ( Download ) ** As always, keep in mind that nothing you do on Windows or OSX is safe **

Intel Training

I had the privilege of attending Sam Culper's SHTF Intelligence course this last weekend in the Pacific Northwest and just wanted to take a moment to thank Sam for a very solid course and make a couple of observations. People always ask me what they can be doing at this point in the game. I always respond with "training", and not just firearms and tactics training. The understanding and implementation of real-world intelligence skills is arguably every bit as important as the "hard skills" and probably more so for a large segment of the community; in other words, everyone can be playing a part in the "Great Game" (as Kipling put it), but not everyone can be running and gunning, so to speak. As someone who spent a large portion of their military career engaged in reconnaissance and the "collecting" aspect of intelligence, it was good to spend some time in the S2 (Intel shop) shoes. There is a lot that goes into creating actionable inte