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VERUS Phone Sale

I had several requests to do a sale on the phone as well, so here ya go... $ 50 bucks off next five Verus phone orders until Christmas.

Laptop Holiday Sale

****** I have one compact SEPIO laptop left in stock and ready to ship in time for Christmas. I am also going to knock $100 bucks off the price of the next five laptops sold.  Offer expires on December 17th. *** EDIT: I also have a small number of 15 inch SEPIOs with the Ultra High Definition/4K screens if anyone is interested. ***  ******

Info on the SEPIO Operating System

I have received a lot of questions regarding the SEPIO laptop and operating system, which run from "how is this system more secure than any other linux system?" to "what the heck is the SEPIO OS?" So let me try to answer some of the questions... First off my mission goals with this system: To create an easy to use yet extremely secure OS that anyone can easily migrate to from Windows or Mac. The defensive measures of the system should require little to no user intervention in order to keep the system safe from outside attack. The applications should cover all the users basic needs (video, music, editing, email, browsing, messaging, documents, etc) without having to search for extra software. It must have a full suite of security tools such as encryption software, crypto-currency wallets and tools, TOR/I2P/VPN access, peer 2 peer secure messaging. We use the model of   Anonymity + Security = Privacy   and personal privacy is a cornerstone of individual l