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Important Update on Recent Hack of Wireless

As many of you are now aware there was a rather dangerous hack released the other day ( CVE-2017-13077) that affects nearly all devices' utilization of the WPA/WPA2 wireless security protocol. The details of which can be read about here: Now before anyone panics I should point out a couple things: 1. A patch for this has been released already for the following distros:     SEPIO OS     Linux Mint     Ubuntu     Debian (and most distros based on Debian)     opesource Android Lineage OS Simply run your update manager (or sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade in terminal) and you are good to go. 2. If you were following my advice and utilizing the WPA2-CCMP/AES version as opposed to WPS or TKIP the damage would have been far less. 3. There are currently no patches available for:     Windows (I know, shocking)     Mac OSX     iOS     Android     non-Debian Linux (Suse, Fedora, Arch, et

SEPIO Secure Laptop Sale

SEPIO Secure Laptops will be on sale for $100 off normal price until November 1st. Some of the recent system upgrades include: - Added support for Yubikey secured boot - Added support for KeepKey, Trezor and Ledger crypto-currency hardware wallets - New artwork and icons - Option for custom Secure Boot certificates and many other software updates and upgrades.