Saturday, September 3, 2016

UPDATES - Secure Phone, GroundRod 2, Secure Laptop

So, I have been busy the last several weeks. Here is what's coming up.....

1. The GroundRod Primer in Central Washington State is a go for 17-18 SEP. This will probably be the last Primer before GroundRod 2 starts up. Email if you want to secure a seat.

2. My secure phone project is done (finally). The VERUS 1 is a privacy conscious phone with state of the art hardware. It sports a 6 inch HD screen, quad-core processor and 3GB of system RAM. The VERUS OS is built on AOSP and CM with anything Google removed from the system. It features a lot of the security tools that the LIBERTAS tablet had, plus some new goodies. I will get full specs and pictures posted shortly.

3. I am wrapping up the secure laptop project right now. The first SEPIO laptop run will feature a high end AMD CPU, 16GB RAM, HD screen and 1TB hard drive. The SEPIO OS is a hardened system based on Linux. It provides maximum physical and web facing security as well as an extensive suite of cryptography tools and secure communication options. Despite all this I have managed to keep the system simple and easy to use for people new to linux based systems. You can watch movies, play music and surf the web via TOR/I2P/VPN on a hardened and sandboxed browser. There is nothing on the market right now that even attempts to come close to this level of security.


I am sure everyone has heard by now that the US government is about to turn the control of the internet over to the UN/ global entities. We saw this coming a long time ago which is why I have been pushing so hard on this subject the last couple years. You need to learn and practice these skills while you still have a chance. Make no mistake, they aim to seriously clamp down on internet free speech.