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Encryption Update ** UPDATED **

(Update at the bottom) So, the NSA and IAD just released an advisory memo directed at US government entities and NGOs/Corporations that deal with classified material. In a nutshell, they are raising the minimum required encryption level for top secret data effective immediately. So instead of referring to the NSA's Suite B cryptography, we will now refer to what they are calling the Commercial National Security Algorithm Suite. The changes are as follows: Former Suite B standards - RSA-2048                                       (Key exchange/Digital Sig) - ECDH/ECDSA P-256                    (Key exchange/Digital Sig) - AES-128                                         (Symmetric encryption) - Diffie-Hellman 2048                      (Key exchange) - SHA-256                                        (Integrity check/hash) New NSS standards - RSA-3072                                      (Key exchange/Digital Sig) - ECDH/ECDSA P-384                   (Key exchange/Di

First GroundRod 2 Student Review

I just received a very humbling course review from one of the students from my recent GroundRod 2 course in Arizona. Here it is.... *** Praise for GroundRod2 * K is the Marcus Aurelius of Cyber Privacy and Security. * Groundrod2 (GR2) was awesome. If you thought Groundrod1 was good, GR2 is even better * K is an incredible instructor. He offers a wealth of experience and expertise related to privacy, security and liberty. The course is not just for those who like to be prepared, people who live off-grid, etc. GR2 is a hands-on, cyber security “boot camp” for freedom-loving Americans who cherish their constitutional rights. The training course is immersive, takes place in a small class environment while the goal for students is to leave with cutting-edge skills they can immediately apply in their daily life. * K’s classes can be understood by individuals as well as both the business and the technical side of any organization. By way of example, K’s military and technical

Upcoming Courses

GroundRod 2 is here and covers the following: - Review of GroundRod Primer skills - Discussion of current events as they relate to privacy, security and liberty - In depth study of the Invisible Internet Project / I2P - Setting up anonymous mail service via I2P - Exploration of Zeronet and other distributed networking systems - Setting up and using Retroshare with extra anonymity - The latest in encryption techniques, including ECC - Setting up open source router firmware - Metadata analysis - Testing secure alternatives to Skype and other mainstream teleconferencing software - The latest in crypto-currency trends, techniques and software - Real-world tradecraft application - Setting up resilient, "Ministry of Truth" proof websites - Hands on training for SEPIO laptop owners - and tons more......... *************************** These are the current course dates. Contact me if you want to reserve a seat or if you wish to host a course in y