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GroundRod 2 in Texas ** UPDATED March 20 **

** UPDATE ** We have changed the class dates on this course to April 1-2.  I have some extra seats available now for the GroundRod 2 class in Midland, TX March 25-26 . If you are interested in attending, let me know as my classes have been filling up quick lately.

SEPIO Secure Laptops

Starting in April the base price of the SEPIO Secure Laptop will move to $1200 due to increasing hardware prices and increased demand necessitating the hiring of extra help. ******** Some notes regarding recent upgrades to the SEPIO OS system: - Added protection against "STUXNET" style BadUSB attacks. - Increased encryption strength beyond industry standards. - Hardware drive encryption (AES-256) - Added extra protections against "brute-force" password attacks. - Created separate menu entry for all HAM radio software. - Upgraded Grsecurity kernel to 4.9 series. -Can now make ECC GPG/PGP keys with non-NIST curves. -Virtual machine upgrade. -Option for non-NIST system encryption (Serpent vs AES) -Randomized DNS queries via non-logging OpenNIC servers. -Switched TOR browser from standard to hardened edition w/secure defaults. -Several software upgrades - BitMessage, AirVPN, Safejumper, BitSquare, Exodus wallet, I2P, OnionShare, Cloak