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New Items Coming To The Store

We have been hard at work over the last several months developing new tools to help secure your digital life. We continue to refine the Sepio Secure OS and expect to release the Sepio 2 this summer. Other items that are coming soon: Sepio-Offgrid Rugged Laptop   - Offers the same level of rugged MILSPEC protection as the famous Toughbooks   - 14 inch HD screen   - 8-32GB RAM   - 128GB -1TB SSD or HDD   - i3 CPU (non vPro)   - Sepio Secure OS   - Optional packable solar panel/battery combo for field use   - Estimated Price: $1600-2000 The Libertas XL   - A 9 inch rugged tablet with:   - Dual-core 64bit CPU   - 2GB RAM   - 16 or 32GB storage   - Estimated price: $650 Sepio-Micro Desktop   - A full featured Sepio desktop not much larger than your hand.   - Plug in your own keyboard, mouse and monitor   - Estimated price: $750 Graybox Secure Router   - Router, Access Point, Bridge, Firewall, Intrusion detection and VPN all in a small package.   - Estimated

GroundRod Primer in Boise, ID **UPDATED**

**** NOTICE **** This course has been rescheduled for 24-25 March and will be moved to a venue in Prosser, WA. GroundRod Primer course in Boise, ID March 17-18. Lots of updated material for 2018. Course fee is $400. Email me to register for a seat.