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Cold Drill...

Here's a drill that I like to shoot cold right when I start my day at the range. It will help give you a good idea of your training progression as it tests your marksmanship, manipulation and positional shooting skills without a warm up.

With carbine or rifle:

Setup - Steel target at 100 yards (timed)  (edit: I use a 9"x16" steel silhouette)

Have a buddy load your mag with two to 10 rounds to enforce a stress reload during the drill. Begin from standing, fire three rounds. Drop to kneeling, fire three rounds. Move to a "brokeback" position, fire three rounds. Move to prone, fire last three rounds.

So you should have 12 solid hits on steel and one stress reload when done. Record your time and try to improve on it next time.

A couple of ways you can mix it up is; add a dummy round or two to your mag to enforce an immediate action drill, or change the round count at each position....for example, shoot two from standing, four from kneeling, etc. Just remember if y…

Reality beckons...

"It is natural for man to indulge in the illusions of hope. We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth, and listen to the song of that siren till she transforms us into beasts...For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth, to know the worst, and to provide for it."
-- Patrick Henry

Tactical Unit Fundamentals...

Teamwork for tactical units
    Like links in a chain; a team’s success is largely determined by the individuals that comprise said team. This brings us to the subject of standardizing the various individual core skills. The core skill sets can vary depending on whether you are part of a military unit, swat team, security force or a well prepared neighborhood watch. For our purposes I will try to address what I would consider universal core skills.

Individual core skill one….Weapon Mastery

Weapon mastery breaks down to the following:

- Marksmanship
- Manipulation
- Maintenance

Let’s examine the definitions and cover some brief training objectives for each.


    Delivering effective fire regardless of conditions or time pressure. Understanding the capability of your weapon and rising to meet that standard. You should be able to deliver effective fire with left or right hand as well as in a wounded fire scenario (with only one unsupported hand).  Perform said tasks with iro…

The Real Reason...

One of my favorites.....

Your Training Motivator For Today...

Got a fitness program? They do.....

Check out the sobering data points listed HERE

Things are changing rapidly get to training.

CSG Approved..

I would like to introduce my readers to Wilder Tactical who's IWB holsters I have been using for the last year in various operational settings. Their Kydex holster designs are simple, durable and yet very comfortable. They also have magazine holders available and a rather ingenious CAT-T tourniquet holder that is very secure yet allows for fast deployment in a crisis.

After much testing, I am happy to fully endorse the fine gear offered by Wilder Tactical. Check them out HERE

Wilder Tactical is a veteran owned company and their products are American made / Berry compliant.

A useful diversion...

For my E&E students....I would encourage you to check out the film "The Spanish Prisoner" (1997).
It gives a good example of many of the skills examined in the class....


Ugly times...

Selco from SHTF School makes some interesting points...HERE

....take notes, there will be a test...


My apologies to all the students and readers that  have emailed me and are awaiting a response. The last few weeks have been extremely busy for me and I am slowly working my way through my pile of emails and will respond to each one. Thanks for your patience....