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GroundRod Level One August 21-22

  We are going to be having a GroundRod level One digital tradecraft course AUG 21-22 in Carson City, NV. The course material has been updated recently so if you have attended before expect some new material. Some of the material covered in this block: * Properly employ symmetric and asymmetric encryption * Create and safely store powerful passwords * Guard against common criminal and state level intrusion techniques * Recognize unsafe software you are using now and explore safe replacements * Surf the web anonymously * Explore the deep web, dark web & VPNs * Transfer files/data safely & privately  * Communicate securely and privately * Understand and deal with malicious firmware * Crypto-currencies and their uses * Cellphone hazards and mitigations  * Dealing with "Big Tech" and their Orwellian activities Gear Requirements * Laptop * Three USB thumbdrives (8-16 GB) * Note taking materials * extension cord * Snacks * Course fee   -  $450 Class deposits ($100) can be m