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Easter Sale - One Week Only

I am putting our Verus secure phones and Sepio secure laptops on sale for 10% off until April 26th. - Sepio 2 Secure Laptop  $1400 - SALE Price $1260 - Verus 2 Privacy Phone  $700   -  SALE Price $ 630 Limit of three sale items per person.  Contact us at  to make a purchase inquiry.   

Training Calendar Update

The training calendar page has been updated. Contact us if you wish to reserve a training spot or if you want to request a new course in your area.

Improving Your Pistolcraft... (repost)

Between the rifle and the pistol, I will generally spend more training time on the pistol. There are a couple reasons for this... 1) All things being equal, it takes more skill to be consistently accurate with a pistol than with a rifle - the rifle having the benefit of a longer sight radius (or optics) and the inherent stability that comes with a stocked firearm. (Not to mention the weight-to-trigger pull ratio disparity with a pistol). 2) Unless you are a rifleman deployed on the battlefield, you are going to spend the lion's share of your time armed with a pistol. Walking through the local supermarket with a rifle slung across your chest tends to get the locals excited. 3) Pistols fire a relatively weak projectile compared to rifles in general and thusly, may require more follow-on hits to get the job done; making recoil management, sight tracking and reload skills a must. Here are some of the key training factors I always try to hit on every time I train: 1)   En