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Upcoming Course - Night Operations / CQB July 9-12

CSG Night Operations / CQB - July 9-12, Spokane, WA This will be a hybrid course, combining aspects of our Nights Ops course with our CQB Level One and Vehicle/Mobility Ops. Cost $900 Day one will be live fire, day two, three & four will be SIMS/UTMs. This course will focus on weapon flows and close quarters drills with carbine/pistol, setting up your NVG/NODs and IR aiming systems, setting up your vehicle for night operations, CQB one & two man drills with force on force excercises, fighting in and around structures, fighting in and around vehicles, TCCC considerations and an FTX. To register or for any inquiries, contact:     -or-       Gear Requirements * Note taking material * Ballistic goggles & glasses * Gloves * IFAK/BOK * Large cover shirt (should fit over armor or mag pouches) * AR/M4 style carbine (AK style is okay as well) w/optic and/or iron sights * Six carbine mags * Semi-auto pistol (.380cal