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The War On Encryption

"Over and over again as people keep talking about the Apple / FBI encryption stuff, I keep seeing the same line pop up. It's something along the lines of "but the FBI needs to know what's on that phone, so if Apple can help, why shouldn't it." Let's debunk that myth. The FBI absolutely does not need to know what's on that phone. It might not even care very much about what's on that phone. As the Grugq ably explained last week , there's almost certainly nothing of interest on the phone. As he notes, Farook destroyed his and his wife's personal phones, indicating that if there were anything truly important, he would have destroyed the last phone too. Also: FBI already has a massive amounts of data, all of which indicates that Farook and Malik were not in contact with a foreign terrorist organisation, nor were they in contact with any other unknown terrorists. Even if, despite all evidence to the contrary, Farook and Malik we

** Quick Update **

* New batch of updated Libertas Tablets are coming online now. * Calendar for upcoming courses has been updated.  * Have some new course material coming....stuff you will not find available anywhere else. * Will be migrating away from Blogger platform soon. * Customized kydex gear coming soon. * Hardened phone project (VERUS) is nearing completion. * Hardened laptops (SEPIO) are being finalized right now...hope to have them at the upcoming class in March. * Hardened router/AP almost done as well. Stay tuned....Stay free libertatem requirit nisu