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Updates for GroundRod

There are still some seats left for the Atlanta GroundRod class for this coming weekend and also for the Phoenix class for 11-12 June. I am looking at the following areas for classes this summer - - California - Wyoming - Ohio - Florida - Utah Email me  if you have any interest in attending in one of those areas or are interested in hosting. *********** GroundRod 2 is coming soon. It will build on the fundamentals learned in GroundRod Primer and will cover the following subjects - - I2P darknet usage - Alternatives to traditional email services - Using Crypto-currency anonymously - Dealing with Stingray/IMSI catchers and phone exploitation - Applying tradecraft techniques in the real world - Practicing the skills out in the field with active adversaries and more.

GroundRod Oregon May 28-29

Since the Arizona class was rescheduled, I will be available to do a GroundRod Primer course in Oregon if there are any interested parties in the area. Contact me  HERE  if you wish to attend. ************** GroundRod 2 will be starting up shortly, so get in on the training while you can.

Email Update

I have uppdated my PGP public key and my Bitmessage info on the "Public Key & Bitmessage" page.

GroundRod Arizona reschedule

Since the GroundRod Phoenix class was scheduled for Memorial day weekend, and at the request of many of the students, we are rescheduling the Phoenix class for June 11-12. Class fee is $350 ($300 if we go beyond 10 students). You can reserve your seat by making the $100 class deposit on the Store page (options are available if you do not wish to use Paypal, just email me). Need to bring: - Laptop - 3 USB thumb drives (4-8 GB in capacity) - Note taking materials - extra extension cord (optional)

Interview Podcast

For those that missed the live broadcast interview, here is a podcast link. ** Here is a direct link if the player gives you any problems - CSG Interview

Texas is a go

Okay folks, we still have a lot of seats available but we are going to go ahead and make the Texas class happen. Shoot me an email ( CSG email  ) if you want to grab a seat. Last minute students can just bring cash. ($350) Class will be held in Irving, just north of the DFW airport. I will give exact location once you reach out to me via email. Students need to bring: 1) Laptop 2) Three USB thumb drives (4-8 GB in capacity) 3) Note taking material 4) There should be places for meals nearby See you there!

Radio Interview

For anyone interested, I will be interviewed live tomorrow by JJS from Radio Free Redoubt on the Matt Shea show. Listening links and radio stations are linked below. ACN Network Station List Show will be from 4pm PST to 5pm PST and will cover topics ranging from current privacy concerns and securing your life to what the future may hold for all of us liberty lovers.

Aircraft Tracking in Libertas

Libertas secure tablets are now shipping with Avare ADS-B software installed. This allows you to track aircraft in your AO in real time. You just need to plug in a RTL-SDR USB attachment with the included adapter and you are in business. Current Libertas owners can install the app from the CSG store in Aptoide. Note* The map function will not work as it relies on Google maps (Libertas blocks all Google framework), however it does provide the data readout which is what matters in this case.

GroundRod Texas ***Updated***

*** Class is a go. Host can be reached at  Host  , or you can email me at  CSG  to secure your seat. Once you are confirmed I will forward instructions for the class link up. It will be held in the vicinity of the DFW airport. I have had several inquires into the GroundRod Primer course scheduled for May 14-15, but I have not had anyone step up to host it yet. I need to hear from the prospective students this week if this is going to happen. If we cannot hit the 10 student minimum, I am willing to do a 6 student minimum at $350 a head (the price will return to $300 if we hit the 10 student minimum). I will be deploying again soon, so time is running out to make these courses happen. Email me here  CSG  to reserve a seat or to offer to host. libertatem requirit nisu