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 Marching toward Cannibalism: Don’t become Canadian Bacon 31 July 2022 Brainport, Netherlands Mind Dump, sans edit New York Times raised kerfuffle after broaching the topic of cannibalism. I’ll get straight to the point. I do not see this as coincidence or innocent dialogue. I sense a darker path.....

Bitmessage Address Updated

 New Bitmessage address: BM-NBdpeoJepmPZquBm4WGgexp2GEDNyFJR

Latest Interview on Radio Contra Discussing current events, go-bags and firearms selections.

GroundRod Level 2 Course in CDA, ID

 We have a GroundRod Level 2 coming up in CDA, Idaho AUG 6-7. Contact us at: to register. Other upcoming courses: - Night Operations - Patrolling Level 1 - Surveillance / Counter-Surveillance  - GroundRod Level 3, E&E / Tradecraft

Guest on Radio Contra March 11

  Was a guest on Radio Contra today, discussing crypto, current events and medical concerns.

Class Updates

 The GroundRod 1 & 2 courses planned for March 11-14 in Vegas are being rescheduled for a future time (TBD) due to some unforeseen events. There will be a GroundRod Level 2, March 19-20 in central Oregon. GroundRod refresher and Level 2, April 2-4 in Idaho Falls, ID. CQB / Home Defense, May 20-22 in northern Washington. GroundRod Level 1, June 4-5 in CDA, ID. Contact at   for more info/registration.

Interview on Radio Contra

Image ** Just FYI, some folks have reported that they are having some issues getting mail delivered to my Criptext or Novo-ordo mail addresses. If that is the case you can also use:    to reach me. (both .ch and .com will work)