Mr. Scheuer asks the Question


A short read worth your time. Michael Scheuer was head of the Bin Laden Task Force at the Agency. I had the privilege of joining one of his briefs and found him to be a straight shooter and a breath of fresh air within that particular organization.

His books are also worthy of a read; especially "Marching to Hell".

Lesson for the day....

Read up on Danny Roxo (1933-1976).

There will be a test on this material....coming soon to a town near you.


Be like Danny....

Course review Night Ops/CQB/Vehicle

Course review is posted up on the Course reviews page for the recent course in Spokane.

Contact us if you are interested in scheduling a course in your area.....things are not getting any safer out there.

Upcoming Course - Night Operations / CQB July 9-12

CSG Night Operations / CQB - July 9-12, Spokane, WA
This will be a hybrid course, combining aspects of our Nights Ops course with our CQB Level One and Vehicle/Mobility Ops.

Cost $900

Day one will be live fire, day two, three & four will be SIMS/UTMs.

This course will focus on weapon flows and close quarters drills with carbine/pistol, setting up your NVG/NODs and IR aiming systems, setting up your vehicle for night operations, CQB one & two man drills with force on force excercises, fighting in and around structures, fighting in and around vehicles, TCCC considerations and an FTX.

To register or for any inquiries, contact:     -or-

Gear Requirements
* Note taking material
* Ballistic goggles & glasses
* Gloves
* Large cover shirt (should fit over armor or mag pouches)
* AR/M4 style carbine (AK style is okay as well) w/optic and/or iron sights
* Six carbine mags
* Semi-auto pistol (.380cal or larger)
* Three pistol mags (or …

Tactical Skills Q & A -or- Be Good at Everything or Die (repost)

In the interest of spreading useful information regarding tactics/training I wanted to relay this conversation I had with some folks from the tactical community a while back. I was asked several pointed questions which I do my best to answer below:

Question 1:

Of all the various training disciplines available, which one should be top of the training list right now in light of world events? Rifle training? Land Navigation? Communications? Patrolling, etc...


Well, there are definitely some sacred cows on that list. It of course kind of depends on where you are as an individual with regard to the various skillsets, but lets assume you are a competent shooter with some basic fieldcraft under your belt....I would put information gathering on top. You could also label it Intel/Comms if you wanted. Why?

1. Intelligence drives the fight. Without it, you are just a bunch of armed guys in the woods.

2. Everyone can do it. Your 75 year old aunt can do it, your kid can do it. Not…

Secure Router Added to Store

We have added the GrayBox Secure Router to the Store page.

Everything you do online goes through your router. Nearly all routers available at the major retailers are compromised with a backdoor and use closed-source firmware. Something to keep in mind when you are making an effort to secure your digital life.

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We are going to start off 2020 with a bang with a huge 20% off of the Verus 2 Privacy Phones!

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The Sepio 2 Secure laptops will also be on sale at 15% off their base price.

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