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  So what is the Chinese PLA sporting these days for their standard issue rifles? The QBZ-95 and variants (top picture) is the standard issue assault rifle for the PLA. Manufactured by Norinco (remember, all those cheap import AK and M1A clones back in the 90's?) it fires the 5.8x42mm cartridge..... they also have a variant that fires the 5.56 NATO cartridge, the QBZ-97.  Below that is the M99 anti-material rifle which fires a 12.7x108mm cartridge.....this also has a variant that fires the US .50BMG cartridge. See a pattern here? "Well, they seem nice..."

Upcoming Courses - Fall/Winter 2021

  Waiting to finalize exact dates on some of these.....check back for updates. - GroundRod 1   -  Idaho Falls, ID   -    20-21 November - Hard Target Traveler  -  Idaho Falls, ID   -   22 November - GroundRod 1 & 2   -  Salt Lake City, UT   -    10-13 December - CQB / Home Defense   -  Parma, ID   -    11-12 November - Night Operations   - Field SIGINT   - SUT (Small Unit Tactics)  -  Spokane/CDA   -   December - CQB / Home Defense  -  Spokane/CDA   -   December/January ....more to follow.... for any questions or scheduling 

GroundRod Level One August 21-22

  We are going to be having a GroundRod level One digital tradecraft course AUG 21-22 in Carson City, NV. The course material has been updated recently so if you have attended before expect some new material. Some of the material covered in this block: * Properly employ symmetric and asymmetric encryption * Create and safely store powerful passwords * Guard against common criminal and state level intrusion techniques * Recognize unsafe software you are using now and explore safe replacements * Surf the web anonymously * Explore the deep web, dark web & VPNs * Transfer files/data safely & privately  * Communicate securely and privately * Understand and deal with malicious firmware * Crypto-currencies and their uses * Cellphone hazards and mitigations  * Dealing with "Big Tech" and their Orwellian activities Gear Requirements * Laptop * Three USB thumbdrives (8-16 GB) * Note taking materials * extension cord * Snacks * Course fee   -  $450 Class deposits ($100) can be m

Course Review: Brushbeater's RTO courses

 It's been a spell since I posted, as 2021 has been a busy year for me so far. I have been fielding a lot of courses and developing some new ones, so check the Calendar page often for new courses.   I wanted to drop a quick review of Brushbeater's RTO course as I had the opportunity to attend in June.  As an instructor, I feel it is important to periodically seek out courses as a student to both continue professional development and to gain insight/perspective in teaching modalities, so when a couple of my clients suggested I join them at the Brushbeater RTO/ARTO/SIGINT course last month, I jumped at the chance. This was actually three courses held back to back to back, namely the two day RTO (Radio Telephone Operator), the ARTO (Advanced Radio Telephone Operator) and the SIGINT (Signals Intelligence) course.  The primary focus of the coursework was, of course, centered around radios; a subject that I definitely needed some refresher training on.    Let me start by saying that

CQB / Home Defense Level One in West Texas

   We will be having a CQB/Home Defense course in west Texas DEC 4-6. This popular course is a mix of live fire training, classroom, vehicles and SIM training guns.  Fee is $750. Course description can be found on the Courses page. We may also be having a Hard Target Traveler course on DEC 3 at the same location. Fee is $275. If interested, contact us at   or   ** Class is already half full, so don't hesitate...        

Mr. Scheuer asks the Question

Image A short read worth your time. Michael Scheuer was head of the Bin Laden Task Force at the Agency. I had the privilege of joining one of his briefs and found him to be a straight shooter and a breath of fresh air within that particular organization. His books are also worthy of a read; especially "Marching to Hell".

Lesson for the day....

Read up on Danny Roxo (1933-1976). There will be a test on this material....coming soon to a town near you. BLM=ZANLA, ANTIFA=FRELIMO Be like Danny....