GroundRod Level One Course in Montana

We will be having a GroundRod One course in Bozeman, MT September 7-8.

As I am sure everyone has noticed, there have been many developments in the last few months in the internet space, much of it not good. Free speech is under heavy and constant attack. Those in the patriot/conservative community are being deplatformed and silenced at an alarming rate. The Marxist left is trying desperately to control the information space and so far is doing a pretty good job of it. The skills learned in the GroundRod digital tradecraft series are more important now than ever. Things are changing rapidly, don't get left behind.

GroundRod Primer (Level One course)

Course length: 2 days (16-20 hours classroom, lab setting)

Required materials: personal laptop (or unit issued), four USB drives
4-8GB in capacity, spare extension cord, note taking materials.

Entry level course that lays the foundation of digital tradecraft skills providing a
defense in depth approach to threats ranging from the crimin…

Easter Sale - One Week Only

I am putting our Verus secure phones and Sepio secure laptops on sale for 10% off until April 26th.

- Sepio 2 Secure Laptop  $1400 - SALE Price $1260

- Verus 2 Privacy Phone  $700  -  SALE Price $ 630

Limit of three sale items per person. 

Contact us at  to make a purchase inquiry. 

Training Calendar Update

The training calendar page has been updated. Contact us if you wish to reserve a training spot or if you want to request a new course in your area.

Improving Your Pistolcraft... (repost)

Between the rifle and the pistol, I will generally spend more training time on the pistol. There are a couple reasons for this...

1) All things being equal, it takes more skill to be consistently accurate with a pistol than with a rifle - the rifle having the benefit of a longer sight radius (or optics) and the inherent stability that comes with a stocked firearm. (Not to mention the weight-to-trigger pull ratio disparity with a pistol).

2) Unless you are a rifleman deployed on the battlefield, you are going to spend the lion's share of your time armed with a pistol. Walking through the local supermarket with a rifle slung across your chest tends to get the locals excited.

3) Pistols fire a relatively weak projectile compared to rifles in general and thusly, may require more follow-on hits to get the job done; making recoil management, sight tracking and reload skills a must.

Here are some of the key training factors I always try to hit on every time I train:

1)Engagement speed. In it&…

Welcome To The Panopticon, or "How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Information Warfare"

So it's 2019......and so far we have:

- Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and the like, de-platforming or censoring any content that leans towards the right or conservative side.

- Amazon, Google, Apple, Microsoft, et al, doubling down on collection of people's data.

- The US intelligence apparatus convincing major hotel chains (Marriot for one) to collect information and report on hotel guests (for the most trivial of "abnormalities", if one can call them that).

- Amazon working with law enforcement to implement widespread facial recognition gathering.

- Those nifty DNA/ Heritage testing sites have been caught giving your DNA to Uncle Sam.

- Cellular providers selling your real-time location to anyone who wants to buy it.

- The proliferation of "smart" devices such as Alexa that is always listening.

- Web browsers screening the news you search for and only letting the "leftist" slanted news through.

I could go on for pages and pages, but you get the …

Upcoming Hard Target Traveler Courses

There will be a Hard Target Traveler class in Seattle, WA Saturday February 9 and also one in Prosser, WA on Saturday February 16.

This a one day course covering various aspects of trade-craft and hand to hand defense techniques. Cost is $275

Safety continues to degrade in the western world and it is not likely to improve anytime soon. The United States is unfortunately not exempt from this phenomena.

Learn the skills to keep yourself and your loved ones out of harm's way while away from the home. No one else is going to save you.

Email us at to register for either class or to schedule one in your area.

Training Calendar Updated

The training calendar page has been updated. Classes are starting to fill up through the coming summer. If you want to join an open class or schedule training for your area contact me at   or