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GroundRod Level One 5-6 Feb, Central Oregon

  We will be having a GroundRod One course in Prineville, OR 5-6 Feb 2022. As I am sure everyone has noticed, there have been many developments in the last few months in the internet space, much of it not good. Free speech is under heavy and constant attack. Those in the patriot/conservative community are being deplatformed and silenced at an alarming rate. The Marxist left is trying desperately to control the information space and so far is doing a pretty good job of it. The skills learned in the GroundRod digital tradecraft series are more important now than ever. Things are changing rapidly, don't get left behind. GroundRod Primer (Level One course) Course length: 2 days (16-20 hours classroom, lab setting) Required materials: personal laptop (or unit issued), four USB drives 4-8GB in capacity, spare extension cord, note taking materials. Entry level course that lays the foundation of digital tradecraft skills providing a defense in depth approach to threats ranging from the cri