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British Resistance Model

"In July 1940 Gubbins recruited about a dozen regional Captains as Intelligence Officers who would form the backbone of the newly created Auxiliary Units. Their mission was to find 30 or so reliable men and issue them with an assortment of explosives, weapons and vital supplies. These men became known as ‘dump owners’. The IO’s were to help the ‘dump owners’ to form cells of 5 or 6 men, to train them in the use of weapons and to provide the cells with some form of hideout."
A good bit of history regarding the British Resistance program and SOE, sent in by a reader. What is interesting to note is that this is one of the few times a resistance group was stood up before it was actually needed. They of course, where never utilized; being as the Germans never took over the British  isles.  Food for thought - prior to homefront hostilities, they had a basic TO&E in place, training programs, safe houses and caches........
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(TO&E …

Upcoming New Courses

You asked for it - so here it is....

We will be putting on a new course 10-12 May and possibly on 24-26 May. This course will be the Kidnap Defense/E&E merged with the communication and encryption techniques described in my  Unexpected Warfighter series ( Part 1Part 2Part 3 ).

Upon successful completion of this course you will have learned and demonstrated the techniques described in the series, as well as escaping from criminal custody, planning a safe route through a hostile urban setting, vanishing into a crowd, avoiding refugee lines of drift and many other life saving techniques. This course is a must for the business traveler, tourist or anyone working or living in a hazardous or unstable area.

Training will be held in the Pacific Northwest. Cost is discounted to $500 and, dependent on venue, we will offer a carbine and pistol skills workshop the day prior to the course for those that are interested. We will run you through several evaluation drills utilized by the spec…

Rainy, muddy range day...

Today's drills: Pistol Retro

IPSC Target
Time: One minute
Total rounds: Nine

Stage One -

From concealment, starting from target,

Run to 10 yard line, draw-turn, shoot two to A zone (chest), one to A zone (head)

Run (at high port) to 25 yard line, turn, shoot two (chest)

Run (at high port) to 50 yard line, turn, shoot two (chest)

Run (at high port) to 100 yard line, turn, shoot two (chest)

Score with normal IPSC scoring - 40 points is a pass

Stage Two -

Same thing, except - stage your magazines so that you have to do a stress/combat reload as you run from 25 to 50 and another from 50 to 100.

Next, carbine from 50 yards,

IPSC Target
No Time
Total rounds: 12

From low or high ready,

Two rounds standing

Two rounds squatting

Two rounds urban prone

Two rounds supine fire

Two rounds kneeling

Two rounds brokeback

Score with normal IPSC scoring - 56 to pass

The first drill works on your break-contact skills and th…

Kizeme, perhaps?

As the infantry saying goes......the diversion to your rear that you are ignoring - is actually the main attack...
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Whether a feint or simply a strategy of using multiple fronts - it's not good. 
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One step at a time John...

John stood uncomfortably against the bathroom wall, trying not to be conspicuous. The gentleman that had been using the urinal finally finished his business and stepped towards the sink. John moved forward to take his turn. He glanced down and spied the round little urinal cake that had about a quarter of it's circumference sliced off, creating a flat edge. John, recognizing the long awaited signal, glanced to his side as the only other occupant departed the restaurant bathroom letting the door slam behind him. John quickly fished the little zip-lock bag out of his pocket and, choking back his disgust, scooped up the all important little cake, sealing it up and stowing it in his pocket just as another patron entered the restroom. 
His trip home was uneventful. He had even done a couple SDR's (Surveillance Detection Route) on the way back, just as he had been instructed to do. Satisfied that no one was following, he continued on to his apartment. Even though he had been a sold…

LEO Follies...

I remember a kids magazine we had when I was growing up that featured a game which presented the reader with a picture of some common, everyday event - the challenge was to find the things in the picture that didn't belong....

Did you spot it? Kinda jumps out....
( This one is courtesy of TSP - His post can be found HERE ......pretty funny)

Here it is again, in case you missed it....
Here's a couple more to really get your day off to good start...

And it wouldn't be complete without everyone's favorite DEA gun-ninja putting a round through his foot in a crowded elementary school classroom....

......................................................................................... This could go on ad infinitum, so I will stop it here.
Just remember folks - only government employees are highly trained and professional enough to be trusted with firearms.

Eva's tech

Let's examine some of the equipment and techniques utilized by Eva. Readers will note that the particular unit in this story opted for physical couriers as opposed to electronic transmission (email, chat, phone, radio). While there are certainly methods available for secure transmissions (which we will get to eventually), one must approach the subject from the standpoint of "no such thing as unbreakable security". That being said, you should not allow your operational ability to become crippled due to the paralysis of paranoia. You give due diligence to securing with the best techniques and technology available, and exercise disciplined protocols such as frequent password and key changes, integrity testing and periodic false information seeding.

As to Eva's gear....
She was booting her system with a thumb-drive/usb drive with Liberte linux ( HERE ) installed on it. This allows her to complete her work without creating a data liability in the form of forensic footpri…


"Let us contemplate our forefathers, and posterity, and resolve to maintain the rights bequeathed to us from the former, for the sake of the latter. The necessity of the times, more than ever, calls for our utmost circumspection, deliberation, fortitude and perseverance. Let us remember that ―if we suffer tamely a lawless attack upon our liberty, we encourage it, and involve others in our doom, it is a very serious consideration ...that millions yet unborn may be the miserable sharers of the event." -- Samuel Adams

The Unexpected Warfighter

Brisco strained against his leather collar, seemingly eager to leave the immediate area. Eva's 70 year old fingers snapped back on the disgruntled terrier's leash, but she could certainly understand his unease. Even though the neighborhood “safety checkpoints” had been a part of their daily life for the better part of the year, she never could resolve herself to see them as anything other than a 21st century re-envisioning of cold war east Germany. The pat downs, the scanning and downloading of her cell phone, the x-ray and search of her belongings just to get from one part of town to the other. Of course it was all necessary because of all the “terrorist activity” in the area; or so she was told.

Once inside her apartment, she began what had become a twice a week operation...removing Brisco's ornate leather collar...pulling back the stitching....retrieving the microSD card hidden between the leather laminate and beneath one of the several steel sequins that decorated his…

COMSEC and Privacy

Communications Security is, and must be, a primary concern to any warfighter. When I was still in uniform, a great deal of our target packages were generated or acted on due to some schmuck out there turning on his cell phone and making a quick call - falsely believing his brevity would spare him any unpleasantries. The content of that call was not necessarily of import to us, but rather the fact that we knew who owned that particular phone (via ESN and IMEI) and had the ability to geo-locate it right away.  Now we knew that we had "High Value Target # whatever" at such & such grid and could hastily act on that fresh intel.

Much of warfare is based on first prepping the battlespace (civil affairs, psyops, humint, elint, etc), and then exploiting your enemy's mistakes. In this case, we had a technological advantage over the enemy and would exploit it on a regular basis. Now, one has to imagine that after many years of conflict the insurgents would be very much aware …

Life as a tyrant

Excerpt from My Life As A Tyrant....
"The operation began. Dozens of officers entered the bazaar, followed by NATO soldiers and their cargo truck. The vendors initially didn’t know what was happening. Then cops walked up to stalls and asked for permits. Nobody had them. The cops grabbed everything they had and threw it into the back of the truck.
Hundreds of vendors picked up their wares and ran. The slow ones were accosted and stripped of their possessions. KPS officers swarmed me, saying, “We can’t do this! This is what the Serbs used to do!” I stood back, watching the chaos in angry silence, and said something in Albanian. It was a phrase I never in my life expected to say.
“Ne jeme komunista sot.” We are communists today."

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Blueprint for dismantling a free and prosperous society

Let's see...

An opposition backed by Marxist thinktanks and governments – check

Prosperous economy buckles under strain of entitlement class – check 

Enforcers/troops (the “good guys”) arrive for “the safety of everyone” - check

Media reports one narrative, enforcers pursue another – check

Politicians make empty promises and issue outright lies – check

Checkpoints and curfews are established for “the safety of everyone” - check

Resistors and patriots are demonized by the media and central government – check

Stockpiling of ammunition and arms by the “good guys” – check

Citizens are told repeatedly to not worry about the nonstop build up of troops, arms, ammunition and checkpoints – check

Psychological operations undertaken designed to pit one social group against another – check

This is not the plot to an upcoming Prepper/survival novel, but a very real and unfortunate chapter from our history. The video is about an hour long, but I encoura…

Glock production

Just to add to the current craziness - 
Have it on good authority that Glock's factories are backlogged by 1.2 million pistols - which translates to about a year's worth of production.
Hope you got yours already...

Quote for today...

"We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force."
-- Ayn Rand

.....clearly she was just paranoid...