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SFG fellas endorse liberty...

For your consideration..... SF letter to .gov....

Sheriffs stand firm...

It seems Oregon is leading the way in standing up for the 2nd Amendment. Sheriffs from Linn, Grant, Douglas, Josephine and Crook counties have put the Federal government on notice stating that they will not allow any federal gun grabs in their respective counties. Lets hope that the rest of the state follows suit.... If you live in any of these counties, you may want to reach out to the sheriff and let him know he has your support.

R.I.P. John Noveske

John Noveske, of Noveske Rifle Works of Oregon, was killed last friday... From his Facebook page... Noveske Rifleworks would ask you to remember the passing of our founder, John Noveske, who died Friday, January 4th 2013 in an automobile accident. John planned for all eventualities, and wanted to ensure any changes would be as seamless as possible for our customers, dealers, suppliers, employees and friends. While this will be a trying time, we do not expect a change in the day to day operations of Noveske Rifleworks. We would like to thank you for your support as we deal with our loss, and would ask that instead of flowers, you consider a donation to a cause we will announce at later date. John was more than just the founder of Noveske Rifleworks, he was a loving husband and father, and caring friend.

2nd Amendment Blues...

There is much angst in the air right now over the potential of constitutional infringement. SFOD-D veteran Paul Howe has an interesting perspective on that subject that I thought I would link to..... "Having been at war for over 10 years, we have a nation of combat vets and contractors that have seen more action than many of our WWII vets.  It has been said that only a small percentage of Americans stood up to the British War machine in the Revolutionary War.  Americans are better armed and trained today than at any time in our nation’s history. Think about what would happen if just our nation’s veterans stood up. People have been buying more guns and ammunition in the past five years than any time in my life. The guns and ammunition are out there along with the talent to use them." Read the whole piece  HERE