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Upcoming Courses

We will be having a Combat Carbine course on May 18 and a Secure Communications course on the 19th. Both courses will be sponsored by Liberty Handgun Training  and will be held in Eugene Oregon. The carbine course is almost full, but we still have open seats for the communications class. Details as follows........... Gunfight Concepts Carbine - May 18th, 8am-5pm The purpose of this course is to push the carbine shooter to the next level and help ensure that they prevail in a lethal encounter. I follow a template of enhancing the students ability to master - - Marksmanship - Manipulation - Maintenance We will examine the pros/cons of the different battle zeros and which one may suit your situation best. We will perform several drills designed to enhance your accuracy at various ranges and examine the application of the speed/accuracy paradigm. We will cover reload techniques designed to get you back in the fight faster. We will also study deal