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GroundRod Primer Review from Pennsylvania

The host of the recent PA GroundRod course, IDPA Grandmaster Jack Weigand of Weigand Combat Handguns Inc, was kind enough to send in a review for me to share with the readers... *** GroundRod Primer Course Review Please understand this review is being written by a non computer guy. I see computers as a tool and the less complicated the better. I need to be spoon fed information and repetition is required. In this class I got what I needed. It is a two day course of non stop input, not rushed but ongoing. K did a great job in not let anyone get behind. He patiently answered questions and jumped in and helped when necessary. There was the full spectrum of students from casual computer user to some fairly high speed dudes in the class. I can safely say no one was bored. The course started out with an explanation of what the threats are, defensive measures and physical counter measures. It was nice to have all of that in a nutshell. It was an eye opener to me, I knew

GroundRod - Arizona (***Updated***)

I have a GroundRod Primer course penciled in for 28-29 May in Phoenix. Host can be reached at Register with me or via the host. Cost: $300 Need to bring: Laptop, 3 USB drives, note taking material.

Training Calendar

Calendar page updated today.... *** ALSO - Wyoming and Missouri folks that made course requests. I only have a few of you so far, so let me know if you are willing to host (and what area) and I will try to get you a course date.

GroundRod - Georgia

Okay, we have a host and I have penciled in Atlanta for 4-5 June . Host for this event can be reached at,  . Reserve your seat via the host and as we get closer I will send out Paypal links. If you don't want to do paypal, let me know and we will work out other arrangements. Also, I still give discounts for Bitcoin payment. ****** I have had several requests for Texas and Arizona as well. For Texas, lets aim for 14-15 May in the Dallas/FW area. I just need one of you to volunteer to host. ****** For Arizona, 21-22 May in Phoenix or Tucson area. Again, just need a host. For those that host, you get a "free' seat to apply to yourself or a friend in need.

GroundRod Upcoming Locations

I have had requests for courses in the following locations: Georgia Missouri Arizona Wyoming If you are in or near one of these areas and wish to attend an upcoming class, let me know and we will make it happen. The host in each area needs to hit a minimum student threshold before I can commit, so drop a line and let's take back our privacy.

Class Availability Nationwide

The interest in the GroundRod course has been overwhelming. I have received many inquiries as to when I would be offering the classes in "this state or that state"....Folks, I am willing to travel to nearly anywhere to do the course. All I need is: 1) A point-of-contact / host to organize things locally 2) A classroom / venue (needs to have internet, power, whiteboard, projector screen or wall) 3) At least 10 paying students (travel expenses can get steep) *** I have seen a lot of interest in the Georgia/Florida area if anyone wants to put on the "host" hat and make that happen. My weekends are filling up, so let me know as soon as possible. libertatem requirit nisu

GroundRod Comes to the East Coast

GroundRod Primer course scheduled for 23-24 April in Pennsylvania. Email the host at:   to reserve a seat (or you can email me by clicking the link at the top of the page) Cost: $300 Need to bring: Laptop, 3 USB thumbdrives (4-8 GB), note taking material. ***  GroundRod Primer is designed to address the fundamental concerns of journalists, concerned citizens, activists, whistle blowers, missionaries and liberty lovers in general, with regard to digital security. Whether hackers, governments, criminals or acts of espionage; our privacy is in serious jeopardy. You will learn to secure your devices and communications in the following ways: Properly employ symmetric and asymmetric encryption Create and safely store powerful passwords Guard against common criminal and state level intrusion techniques Recognize unsafe software you are using now and explore safe replacements Surf the web anonymously Explore the deep web Transfer files safely Com

GroundRod Class in Spokane

We had a successful GroundRod Primer course with the Whiterose folks last week and are looking forward to the follow-on classes with them. One thing that has remained consistent for me over the years, whether teaching CQB, shooting or technical subjects, is the incredible quality of students I see coming through the classes. I see people that are taking ownership of their lives and seeking to better themselves in a world that is struggling to stay free. It is always personally humbling and challenges me to always be improving and deliver the best content I can. Next class will be held in the Spokane, WA area. Email me or the host at if you want to reserve a seat.