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Interview with Forward Observer

I recently had a short interview with  Forward Observer  regarding Bitcoin and Crypto-assets.  There is a lot of interest being generated right now in this field, and for good reason. Whether your interest lies in protecting your assets, seeking better investment vehicles or just enhancing your privacy; you would be wise to study up on's not going away. You can listen to it  HERE


*** SOLD *** I have a special going right now on a SEPIO secure laptop. This is on special due to my putting a couple light scratches on the lid while working on it. The specs are as follows: - i7 CPU (versus the normal i5) - 12GB DDR4 RAM - 256GB SSD - 15.6 inch Full HD touchscreen - Full aluminum chassis with backlit keyboard - SEPIO Secure OS (latest build) This model normally goes for $1400, but I am knocking $100 off due to the scratch. My mistake is your gain.... As with all SEPIO's, the RAM and SSD can be upgraded on request. The i7 models are rare, so get it while you can.