Did you Dry Practice today?

If not, you're wrong.

Shooting marksmanship can largely be broken down into two fundamental concepts:

1) Sight picture/ Sight alignment
2) Trigger manipulation

This accounts for, in my opinion, 95% of shot accuracy. With this in mind, you should be dry practicing everyday. Clear your weapon, pick a spot to aim at (in a safe direction, of course) and try to achieve ten perfect presses in a row. If you screw one up (ie, detect any movement in your sight alignment as the "shot" breaks), you start over from one.
    Understand that this, in and of itself, will not make you a perfect shooter. Your mind needs to experience the report of the weapon, your body needs to feel the recoil, your eyes need to become accustomed to tracking the sight during it's cycle, etc, etc.....but dry practice is an oft overlooked tool that will help anyone tighten up their shot group.

So do it.....



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