Equipment Review - Wilson TTU AR/M4 Trigger

I have been meaning to publish a review on the TTU for a while now; so, here it is....

  The TTU (Tactical Trigger Unit) by Wilson Combat, is a modular drop in replacement for any AR/M4 platform  carbine. Being a self contained unit, it is extremely easy to install as compared to a standard trigger group which has several small parts to contend with. The build quality on the TTU is clean and robust, being made from CNC machined and EDM cut hardened tool steel.
   The install process was very straightforward and painless; removed the stock trigger group, dropped in the TTU and replaced the two pins......done.
   There are a few different variants of the TTU to choose from. I opted for the single-stage 4 pound trigger. There is also a two-stage, a three-gun and a MIL/LE variant with a slightly heavier 5.5 pound trigger pull.
   I have, to date, put around 5000 rounds downrange with the TTU and have truly enjoyed its consistent and crisp pull and reset. In fact, crisp really doesn't even begin to describe the break on this amazing really have to try it.
   All in all, though being a bit skeptical about a "drop-in" anything, I have been nothing but impressed with this offering from Wilson Combat and would fully recommend it to anyone looking for a better trigger option.


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