Upcoming Course

Will have two days of Carbine courses this weekend (15 & 16 OCT). Courses will be held at a private range near Lyons Oregon (about 20 miles east of Salem, 80 miles west of Sisters). This will be a Gunfight Concepts course covering:

* fundamental reinforcement
* engaging multiple threats
* positional shooting problems
* malfunctions galore
* use of cover
* stress based scenarios
* and much more........

 For more information, check the Gunfight Concepts Carbine section on the "Courses" page. Please contact me to reserve your spot right away as class size will be limited and this will likely be the last course until February.
One day will be the normal $200, but if you attend both days there will be a discounted rate of $375.

Lodging is available in nearby Stayton if needed.


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