Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A bit of wisdom from the Colonel...

   "Since most people respond to hypothetical peril with the assumption that it will not come to them, the first step in adjusting to our present social situation is the hard, clear, unflinching understanding that it can indeed come to us - personally. It is amazing to read of people who did not choose to believe this until after they had been victimized. They all knew that burglary, robbery, assault and murder, were not only possible but frequent, but they took no precautions because they simply would not admit that they, themselves could be the victims.
   Once you accept the fact that you may actually be the next target - today - you have taken the first great step toward your own physical security. Having made this simple, if difficult, admission, you can never afterward be surprised, and surprise is the greatest single element in tactics - offensive or defensive."
   -- Col. Jeff Cooper     (italics my own)

   It's not getting any nicer out there folks. Regardless of where you find yourself.....Afghanistan.....Mexico....New York.....Detroit.....or a quiet suburb somewhere.

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