Gear stuff

  I am going to be putting Troy's new Battle Mags through the paces at the June carbine course. They claim to have fixed the "over-insertion" issue that has plagued some P-mag owners....we shall see. I also have some new optics from Vortex to beat up on the range.
   Hopefully, Hard Point and Otte Gear will be able to get me some of their new offerings in time as well. I am a huge fan of Otte Gear; innovative designs inspired by the guys on the ground.....and made in America.   Arcteryx used to be my go-to gear, but as they have moved much of their operation to China (yet their prices have gone up....figure that one out), I have been looking elsewhere for my gear needs. Same goes for Salomon and Merrell footwear....moved to China and quality went to hell......anyways, I am ranting now.....


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