Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mindset revisited

   Whilst surfing the web yesterday I came across a couple videos of some guys showing off a few Krav Maga weapon "disarm" moves....all well and good....except, the "instructor" in each segment would go to great lengths to teach a faulty, and completely backwards mindset.
   In one video, which dealt with the ubiquitous "guy sticks a gun in your face" scenario, he instructs you to first and foremost comply with the attackers demands....go ahead and give him your wallet, watch, jewelry, car, etc....."because once he has what he wants he will probably leave you alone (followed by the obligatory) and none of that stuff is worth your life." After screaming vulgarities at my unresponsive computer screen, I decided to address this in a more useful manner. To wit:

1) Giving an attacker what he wants only empowers him's the way a criminal mind works, read up on the FBI's own crime data reports.

2) You have taken the position of giving the attacker an assumed moral code. This guy just stuck a gun in your want to let him have the final say whether you live or die?

3) What if what he wants is not a watch or wallet? What if his proclivity tends toward the carnal? Going back to actual crime statistics...violent rape victims are commonly found deceased.

4) You are faced with a lethal threat....act accordingly. Sorry, but the guy crossed the line in the sand when he acted on his nefarious impulses and pointed a weapon at you. You should move to seize any tactical advantage over him at that point........and it starts with the proper mindset.

  I know there are those out there that will disagree with me; civil society and all.........hogwash. There is little that is truly "civil" in our current society. Civility is a rather thin veneer that is stretched over the true nature of a society. I would argue that as our nation continues it's rather steep decline, that thin veneer will stretch to it's eventual breaking point, and those with dark hearts and ill intentions will have little cause to hold back.

   I would point out that I had no issues with the particular techniques they were demonstrating. It just pains me to see them destroy someone's ability to execute said task by giving them a distorted or at best, ambiguous mindset to go with it.

 "....sure you can have my wallet...let me just get it...."

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