Step outside your comfort zone for a moment...

I know.....I know....I am breaking my own rules here....stay away from political subject matter, but....

"Privileged special interests, whether by legislation or lax enforcement of the law, have begun to Balkanize the nation around provincial and notional concerns. Of course, there has never been a time when sectional interests haven't clashed over sectionally relevant matters such as tariffs, but today's constellation -- racial, gender, ethnic, sexual orientation, educational, environmental, labor unions, and so forth -- has attempted to shut down open-minded discussion of nearly every important subject in political discourse. Seldom do the flacksters for such interests argue for their positions on rational grounds, with objective evidence for support; they'd much rather denounce their opponents as racists, sexist, xenophobes, homophobes, enemies of the environment, enemies of education, or what have you.

The core of the power-seeker's strategy is to divide to conquer. Therefore, it is his aim, wherever and whenever possible, to cause citizens to gather into issue-oriented groups that other issue-oriented groups will view as competitors for government privileges and public allegiance. In recent years, the campaign's public-sector component has become completely visible and maximally vile, yet seemingly nothing can be done to halt it. The private-sector components have become ever bolder about their use of intimidation, threats, and outright violence."

.....peak behind the curtain dear reader.....HERE


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