Cold Drill...

Here's a drill that I like to shoot cold right when I start my day at the range. It will help give you a good idea of your training progression as it tests your marksmanship, manipulation and positional shooting skills without a warm up.

With carbine or rifle:

Setup - Steel target at 100 yards (timed)  (edit: I use a 9"x16" steel silhouette)

Have a buddy load your mag with two to 10 rounds to enforce a stress reload during the drill. Begin from standing, fire three rounds. Drop to kneeling, fire three rounds. Move to a "brokeback" position, fire three rounds. Move to prone, fire last three rounds.

So you should have 12 solid hits on steel and one stress reload when done. Record your time and try to improve on it next time.

A couple of ways you can mix it up is; add a dummy round or two to your mag to enforce an immediate action drill, or change the round count at each position....for example, shoot two from standing, four from kneeling, etc. Just remember if you plan on comparing your times you must perform the same overall number of shots and manipulations per drill.

You can shoot this with bolt guns and pistols as well. With pistol I set up at 25-35 yards and shoot on angled steel or paper target. With bolt guns I shoot one or two shots per station, with mandatory reloads at some point.

Yeah, I know it looks funny.....but it is just what the doctor ordered when you are trying to engage a bad guy under a car using the engine-block/wheel for some cover..........


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