And there it is...

Sorry for the light posting......I am overseas currently and as you can see from the news, things are "busy" right now.

Sink your teeth into this startlingly honest interview with none other than uber globalist, Henry Kissinger...

....the incredible hubris of these people! Might want to get your house in order...

(By the way...that is Kissinger with Pinochet in the pic above)

Edit: A reader pointed out that this story links to a satire site, something I should have checked on before linking, so enjoy it for what it is.........I really should just stick to guns, tactics and shiny things...


  1. I am pretty sure that is a satire news website, similar to the onion.

    1. It is indeed. Although Kissinger is an admitted hater of national sovereignty, I pulled the trigger too early on that one. Thanks...

  2. You are CSG's Department Head of Shiny Things (DHST) after all.


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