Individual fitness levels and the team dynamic

I have spoken on here before regarding the importance of parity amongst team members, usually in regard to weapons handling and other hard skill sets. I want to address another aspect of this today, namely - fitness levels.

A couple other blogs have pointed out an article from a Denver CBS affiliate regarding the fitness standards, or lack thereof, within the Denver swat team. I think it is important to note that the fitness standards listed are not that difficult in the least.....especially when you consider that this is the department's "elite" tactical team.

This brings me to the point - if you are part of any kind of tactical team, standards must be established and adhered to. Your slow, out of shape team mate will get the both of you killed.

Get your people up to standard, or get them out of the field. 


  1. Get your people up to standard, or get them out of the field.



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