Latest training fun...

Put on your armor/plate carrier and 6-8 full mags.

1) Perform 20 pushups
2) 60 seconds heavy bag
3) 10 dips
4) barbel curl, press & squat x10 (80% max weight)
5) 10 or max pullups
6) dumbbell farmers walk 60 seconds
7) Fast rope climb

Repeat 4 times

Vary as necessary, but you get the gist. You can make a poor man's climbing rope by braiding three sections of half inch utility rope. 30 feet is a good height, but work with what you got. Can also improvise a heavy bag out of an old military duffel bag. This is not an all or nothing exercise.....max effort is what counts.

Now....try performing this on your next range day. Add a shooting station after every third exercise. Unfortunately, gunfights happen when you are tired, stressed, hurting and shaking.

This will make you strong, boost your stamina and improve your stress shooting techniques. Oh, and keep a log...

I will be fielding a shooting course shortly built on this premise........

Sweat now - or bleed later


  1. This is awesome. Thanks. Will link!

    1. Thanks for stopping by AP!
      Had to go through a course a few years back that really woke me up to the importance of making "hard contact" in your training - hence the heavy bag portion. Besides conditioning your bones, joints and core for delivering a beatdown, it helps to prep the mind for belt-buckle close violence.

  2. Geez, I couldn't do that in my birthday suit!:)


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