A moral people....an effective team

As I watch current events in our nation unfold like a slow-motion train wreck, I can't help but be reminded of John Adam's warning.....

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” 

As we sink deeper and deeper into the collectivist quicksand, I have to wonder what Adam's reaction would be if he were able to peer through the ages and see our current state of affairs. Would he be shocked? Disappointed? Or perhaps he would just get that sickened feeling one has when a loved one, despite all admonishment,  foolishly meets their demise. 

Individual responsibility goes hand in hand with individual liberty....... while collective responsibility (which really should read "it's not my problem") passes the buck to some conceptual entity (bureaucratic government) and ushers in all the Marxist principals that we currently see being established.

For a mental exercise, lets frame this in a tactical setting...

A four man team is preparing to begin a three to four day recce operation. Once dropped by vehicle they will make their way overland, establish their ORP and proceed to overwatch a key bridge. The commander's intent is that they gather any useful information regarding enemy movements across said bridge....how many pax, how many vehicles, what type vehicle.....basic SALUTE report stuff. For a well trained team, this is an easy mission.
Now, lets replace one of the four team members at the last second with an out of shape office worker who really doesn't want to be there. Could the remaining three pros on the team still make this work? I think so...would not be fun, but they could still make it happen. How about if we replace two team members at the last second with wide-body-attitude-factories? Could the remaining pros still pull their weight and that of their worthless teammates? Possibly......I have seen it happen but probability of success starts to diminish. How about if we change up the mission and make it an area reconnaissance of a small village where terrain dictates the usage of a cloverleaf technique?
Now things become downright hazardous, as the team must move close to the target area using a great deal of stealth to avoid detection and thus being decisively engaged.

So as the team loses individuals that take their responsibility seriously, the mission becomes more and more jeopardized. What happens when you are mandated to carry said dead weight and still expected to have a successful outcome? As you become overburdened and the mission becomes more complicated, your risk of catastrophic mission failure becomes nearly assured. 

Not that anyone reading this does not already understand this particular social dynamic.....but I needed to vent a bit...


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