Re-post of spare parts.....

Had a co-worker's Glock go down the other day. The culprit was a broken trigger spring, which I have only ever seen happen twice now, but it is a definite showstopper. Luckily, we had a spare spring available.....which got me thinking....a $1 part is the difference between a functioning weapon and an expensive blunt object. I would encourage all to stock up on replacement parts while it is easy and cheap to do so. I will be.

You do realize that all those springs in all those various guns and bits of equipment you have, have a finite lifespan......right? Springs are cheap folks, buy extras now.....they may not be around later.....

Will get some fresh posts up shortly.....overcoming my jetlag and getting my course schedules in order - stay tuned.


  1. I had the same thing happen to me about a year ago with my Gen 2 Glock 19. It's very easy to fix but I had an unusable gun for about a week while I waited for the part to come in. That convinced me to order spares of that and other wear parts so that I wouldn't be in that position again. One of the things that I like about Glocks (as opposed to XD or some of the others) is the easy availability of parts and the simplicity of performing detailed maintenance on them. If things are going to get more complicated in the future I want gear that I can maintain myself so that I'm not dependent on others when I might not have access to their services. It's also a great idea to take an armorer's course for the guns you maintain (Glock and AR in my case) and keep manuals around for each. You never know when such knowledge will come in handy...

  2. Spare parts are not sexy or cool but are so important. A $3 spring or pin can turn a gun into a paperweight. I bit the bullet and put some parts for the important guns away a couple years ago. Haven't needed them but piece of mind is a nice thing to have.

    For Glocks the vast majority of parts are really cheap which helps. Off the top of my head I think you can get everything except the frame, slide, barrel and firing pin for under $5 and often $2-3. For hardly anything (maybe $100) you can get a spare of all the little likely to break pieces. Toss in a firing pin and it is like $150.

  3. That is one thing I like about the Magpul AR/M4 grips - they have a little hidden compartment for a spare bolt and firing pin. That right there my friends, is a good use of space. I encourage everyone to stock up on quality springs such as those made by Wolff. Trigger springs, buffer springs, sear springs, extractor springs....they all wear out....

  4. The storage is why I also like the Magpul ACS stocks - small compartment for supplies (I keep a broken shell extractor in there at the moment) plus some tubes that are designed for the CR123 and AA batteries that most of my lights, etc. use.

  5. O.S.Y. Any tool made by man WILL break,Haveing spare parts is only common sense. A lot of the younger/newer shooter don't seem to know that. The ones I meet at knob creek(my local range) seem to think that guns never break. They also seem to think that gun cleaning is an option, not a recuirement. Mabe a wright up on proper AR cleaning /maintancen?

    1. Especially AR's! Those things poop on themselves by design.

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  7. When I went through the Glock Armorer course 10 years ago the Glock rep told us that as long as you hold the trigger back as the gun cycles it will still work even with a broken or missing trigger spring. However, this was not demonstrated, so I can not attest to the veracity of that statement. Any way you look at it, spare parts are cheap, malfunctions are expensive. Stock up on spares.

  8. I just received a gun catalog after getting some stuff online from Sportsmans Guide, and saw a GLOCK compatible stainless guide rod assembly that replaces a plastic factory one. But they want over $25.00 for it. I guess if you think it might break or get nicked from frequent cleaning then it's worth it, although perhaps the springs are a more urgent need? Of course this also has a spring on it.

    One can be McGyver and manufacture springs from wire, but I'd rather have springs ready to go since that would be a fiddly job and might still not work right.


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