Last week's blizzard fun...

Completed a back to back TC3/Austere Medicine and Gunfight Concepts Carbine course over four days last week. As I have stated before, you must train in the environment you live we trained in sometime blizzard conditions during the course. The students all took it like pros, everyone was safe and effective despite the severe conditions. My thanks to all the students, especially those that drove from out of state and trained for days on end far outside their comfort zones.

We should be putting on another one of these the weekend after Christmas in the Willamette valley area. 


  1. Dang, sounds fun.

    Wish I could have come out there!


  2. What a great class! Thanks K for an excellent training experience. I was impressed with how you readily incorporated the conditions into the instruction, like cold-weather operating and maintenance issues and movement.

  3. My 2 cents worth. Totally worth the money and time spent for the knowledge and experience of the two classes. I look forward to more training with you as refreshers as well as doing other classes you offer there and elsewhere if my schedule allows. It was mentally and physically challenging and to quote XXX, "I live for this s..." Thanks for being there and doing what you do and allowing me to learn from a professional such as yourself.


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