Sheriffs stand firm...

It seems Oregon is leading the way in standing up for the 2nd Amendment.

Sheriffs from Linn, Grant, Douglas, Josephine and Crook counties have put the Federal government on notice stating that they will not allow any federal gun grabs in their respective counties. Lets hope that the rest of the state follows suit....

If you live in any of these counties, you may want to reach out to the sheriff and let him know he has your support.


  1. Yes, that is great trend to see.

  2. Beware of some of those sheriffs

  3. Just an FYI..
    Most State constitutions differ widely from the Bill of Rights on the right to keep and bear arms. You should take into account what state constitutions they already swore to uphold before accepting this blindly.. If they already swore to uphold one that is in direct conflict with the BoR you have to wonder which oath they will choose to obey and how much actual honor is really involved. This makes wonderful media play but is it true ? FTR Florida's constitution directly conflicts with the BoR and Arkansas's constitution limits the right to only for the people's "common defense"

    Just sayin..
    Yank lll


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