British Resistance Model

"In July 1940 Gubbins recruited about a dozen regional Captains as Intelligence Officers who would form the backbone of the newly created Auxiliary Units. Their mission was to find 30 or so reliable men and issue them with an assortment of explosives, weapons and vital supplies. These men became known as ‘dump owners’. The IO’s were to help the ‘dump owners’ to form cells of 5 or 6 men, to train them in the use of weapons and to provide the cells with some form of hideout."

A good bit of history regarding the British Resistance program and SOE, sent in by a reader. What is interesting to note is that this is one of the few times a resistance group was stood up before it was actually needed. They of course, where never utilized; being as the Germans never took over the British  isles.
 Food for thought - prior to homefront hostilities, they had a basic TO&E in place, training programs, safe houses and caches........

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(TO&E - Table of Organization and Equipment)


  1. Is their a way that US resistors can acquire a drone for intel purposes. In essence to buy one or hijack one should be a big help when the SHTF.

    1. Enjoy...

    2. Search: large model aircraft, radio controlled, auto-pilot, Megapilot.

      Some of these "hobby grade" units have the ability to carry 2KG of cargo, which can be a good set of sensors, radio relay, what-have-you. Linger time can exceed 2 hours. Budget $1000 to start, then more as you find it useful. Put a 16 year old Boy Scout in charge of the project and demand progress reports and committee authorization for expenditures- betcha have a functional program in 90 days.


    3. Having an "eye in the sky" is useful RIGHT NOW, not to mention gathering and perfecting skills of piloting/repairing the machine.

    4. There's a 100 slide Adobe Flash sideshow on the home page. Just cycle through it to see what's already up and flying.

      Then click the "Store" tab.

  2. 3 words: "sports pilot licence"


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