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You asked for it - so here it is....

We will be putting on a new course 10-12 May and possibly on 24-26 May. This course will be the Kidnap Defense/E&E merged with the communication and encryption techniques described in my  Unexpected Warfighter series ( Part 1Part 2Part 3 ).

Upon successful completion of this course you will have learned and demonstrated the techniques described in the series, as well as escaping from criminal custody, planning a safe route through a hostile urban setting, vanishing into a crowd, avoiding refugee lines of drift and many other life saving techniques. This course is a must for the business traveler, tourist or anyone working or living in a hazardous or unstable area.

Training will be held in the Pacific Northwest. Cost is discounted to $500 and, dependent on venue, we will offer a carbine and pistol skills workshop the day prior to the course for those that are interested. We will run you through several evaluation drills utilized by the special operations community and help you with your marksmanship and manipulation skills as needed - at no cost to attendees.

Please RSVP as soon as possible so we can keep the class size at a manageable level. You can find further details on the Courses page, or email me with any questions. This is the most popular course I teach and am only able to offer it once or twice a year - so don't miss out on this crucial skill-set.


  1. Looks great, K@CSG! The 2-day Kidnap Defense/E&E was very valuable. Glad to see it back on the radar. Wish we were around to take more classes.

  2. Very excited for this course! Worth a refresher and worth every dime! Bummer you're not going to this one John, hope you two are doing great!


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