Upcoming Courses

We will be having a Combat Carbine course on May 18 and a Secure Communications course on the 19th. Both courses will be sponsored by Liberty Handgun Training and will be held in Eugene Oregon.

The carbine course is almost full, but we still have open seats for the communications class. Details as follows...........

Gunfight Concepts Carbine - May 18th, 8am-5pm

The purpose of this course is to push the carbine shooter to the next
level and help ensure that they prevail in a lethal encounter.
I follow a template of enhancing the students ability to master -

- Marksmanship
- Manipulation
- Maintenance

We will examine the pros/cons of the different battle zeros and which
one may suit your situation best. We will perform several drills
designed to enhance your accuracy at various ranges and examine the
application of the speed/accuracy paradigm. We will cover reload
techniques designed to get you back in the fight faster. We will also
study dealing with severe stoppages and various aspects of keeping your
gun functional in less than ideal settings.

My overall approach to this training could be summed up as "worst case
scenario training." You will be pushed hard, shoot from uncomfortable
positions, have many many malfunctions, and learn to come out on top.
Even the best combat shooters in the world will lose around 50% of
their accuracy under the stresses of combat action.......your training
needs to reflect that reality.

Gear Required:

- AR/M4 style carbine w/optics and iron sights (AK style is okay, just
give me a heads up)
- Minimum six carbine magazines
- Semi auto pistol (9mm or greater)
- Minimum three pistol magazines
- Plate carrier w/ at least three mag pouches, or Rhodesian style vest,
or carbine mag pouches for belt rig
- Duty belt w/holster and pistol mag pouches
- Carbine sling (one or two point)
- Eye and ear protection
- Firearm maintenance gear (lube, tools, spare parts)
- Comfortable, durable clothing, change of clothes, towel
- Optional support gear.......dump pouch, gloves, knee pads, etc
- Food and water for the day


500 rds carbine
100 rds pistol

Course fee is $200


Secure Comms - May 19th, 8am-5pm

This course is designed to teach the student to recognize the security
and privacy threats that we find ourselves exposed to in this day and
age. Students will bring their own laptops and will learn how to harden
them in real time. We will also explore the history of various
encryption protocols and their employment, from computer based to paper
and pencil.

Topics covered will include:

- Protecting your data from unlawful intrusion
- Setting up and successfully sending secure email
- Setting up and utilizing secure chat
- Surfing the web anonymously
- Demonstrations of how common exploits occur
- Pros and cons of the various operating systems
- Communicating in a non-permissive or hostile environment

Instead of just watching slide shows and listening to lecture, the
student will participate in real time and successfully complete each
block of instruction. A final exercise will be included to test your
skills in a hostile setting.

Students will need to bring:

- Laptop computer
- Smartphone (optional)
- Note pad and pens/pencils
- Two USB/thumbdrives with at least a 4GB capacity each
- One MicroSD card (any size) with reader adapter

Course fee is $150


Any questions can be forwarded to the host at  matt@libertyhandguntraining.com

or to myself at the email link at the top of the webpage.


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